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The dumb question

It's my own question but it's still a dumb one.

What is so fucking different between school and TV?

Why don't we have pornography and TV shopping in school? I'm sure it would be far more profitable.

Why not teach people to read and write on TV?

If that ain't a dumb question I don't know what is.

Obviously Hollywood could never make a history movie. Hell, no one cares about history at all! Fuck that boring crap. It doesn't have any use to anyone. It's like numbers above 10, who needs that? I only have 10 fingers!

Decapitated at both the end and the beginning we have something people still dare to call the news.

Why is this not in school? LOL, kids don't enjoy the news and school is for entertainment + "what ever as long as they are not at home"

War in Iraq? Where is that? Geography? huh? Boring! We cant have people knowing what the world looks like, that would be so dangerous. Maybe it could be useful if we are at war but in general? Nah, It's far better to think of North-America as one county just like china and Russia.

Europe? Never heard of it, isn't that where eurodisney is?

On the other hand.....

A 10 digit decimal system obviously means we are all lunatics. 24 hours in a day? 7 in a week? 12 months in a year? 60 minutes in an hour?

WOW, I'm living on the retarded planet. I can only guess why I'm here....... damn......