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banning the bullshit

This posting contains valiuable information on sending out automated "you are to poor" emails. What a nasty thing to do to your business?

Is your business a huge mess? Just use the good old phone to check an order! Be aware of mobile numbers, they are as private as the disco. Before you know it you're haunted by idiots like the author of this posting.

censoring the web,

The Internet use to be all about freedom of speech but not for long, everything you ever wrote can be found the rest of our life. That may be nothing new but an increasing number of products and programs have some terms of service to prevent any user from writing anything realistic. The TOS goes like "you shall worship our global monopoly up till your death does us apart", and like maggots people crawl up their anus to earn a few bucks, get a few hits or hell, some even become financially independent from keeping the brain switched off.

I don't know about you but after about 3 posts a blog from my hand always has some opinion to it. Next thing I know I want to say something sucks (because it does) and start puzzling with some TOS. A program I participate in (but may not write about) is strictly against hate speech. I do respect that I guess, then another one didn't allow "adult speech". This scored a 5 on the scale of my WTF-o-meter. The blog only contained photography. This had to have something to do with other shit I wrote.

So we are allowed to say one thing is fantastic but we cant point out what stinks?

but.....I'm really good at stain spotting!

I remember tele2 refusing to give me a contract for 10 bucks because my credit wasn't good 8 years ago.

this was my reply

Priceless! As effective as a million dollar spamvertising.


I did that because...TELE2 SUCKS!

They send me EVERY FUCKING LAST PERSONAL DETAIL in one email. Then it wasn't even signed!! It sends out automated emails with everything you typed in the cheap ass un-secure tele-2 web form trying to order one of their cheap ass services. (if we can still call this a service).

The logic is so simple, they are not allowed to say I suck and I can say it in a thousand places. It's even more funny as I'm well practised. ghehehe

Adult language? If anyone puts your personal data on the street you should rip off their head. It's not a thing to accept jokes about of any kind.

Little bills for the filthy rich @#$%@$@#$@# fuck em!

We want yahoo12 skype12 and google1 to take over the phone industry not some dumb paper based pile of cheapness.

Web RANT is so much bigger as tele2,

Dear tele2 slaves:
You cant afford to say I cant afford 10 bucks. I don't need your credit report, I just know you lack the credit for it.

How is your stock doing? ROFL

I've worked in the financial sector for long enough to know why you want to check your customers credit. It's for selling the data to 3rd partys isn't it? How else can you justify a 15 euro credit report on a 10 euro product? Don't think I don't know where your cheapness comes from. LOL

Yes, I know technically you cant sell the data, but you just do the mailing for them. But any kid can grab the full personal details from your mail server so it's practically the same as selling meat.

The news is full of how the web is already divided over big businesses. I refuse to crawl with the maggots. ghehehe Look how easy something the size of tele2 can obtain expensive growth pains like me.

The cumulated effect of making you view all those commercials is reduced to zero after reading this.

Imagine all the hackers searching your email for, they know your creditcard number is there to find.

I know I could write optimistic product reviews but I've already seen that blog. lol