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machine search vs human interface [blogdesign]

The intelect of a blog platform - how smart can it store?

In the endless discussion on what blog platform to pick I've found this most interesting line: For me, speed and reliability are much more important than customization. I could not agree more. Still I would want to keep an option to host it my self. Customisation often means adds on the blog. If an idea pops to my mind it's a few pages of text. Each second counts, click and wait for 3 min until I can start writing a draft is not good for my articles at all! The Blogger capta means I have to load all the images on the blogger pages from the server, not just the word verification image... all of them. I'm starting to miss a good system to create drafts. Blogger made a msword plug in. Even notepad was a better idea, it was a nasty thing to do with all the nice (free) text editors available. Maybe it was an attempt to attract business users? (All I know is that I have the word Microsoft on my Blogger dashboard.) My personal opinion is that frequent updates are over rated. One can just save text documents on the HD and publish them as soon as they are good enough. A year old blog with 5 or 6 really good posts can be great. But it doesn't work, it wont get you any readers. lol, I'm sure some people would jump true the roof if they could only find some of my blogs - but they cant. hahaha I figure writing a good posts is far easier by getting as far away from your computer as possible. Blog what you do and take photos. Blogger with Picasa's infinite image hosting kind of defeats any hosting plan. It hosted about 10 times as much photos as I had page views. I'm not going to pay 200$ per month to entertain a hand full of lurkers. ghehehe But for free.... it's really cool to share for free. A 1GB memory card can hold over 500 photos. How else upload and host that? Flickr? That only uses your images to promote Flickr, it has no easy way to blog thumbs that point at jpg for not-free. I guess one could pick blog and pay for 1 picture in stead of a selection of 50 out of 500 per day. I cant see how 1 image could be just as good as 50. If you are to blog about doing something illustrations are the lazy and most effective way. So, Blogger is really the way to go.

Will our global artificial intelligence be able to understand documents in the same way we do?

Google is just a small chunk of our global machine intellect, as it's not so safe to ignore artificial intelligence I would like to create some philosophy on the topic of making it understand documents in the exact same way we do. I've struggled with the Blogger template to create topics, tags, labels, folders give it a name. I've thought about for some time. I now think the point is to offer different kinds of readers different kinds of content. This makes multiple tags less interesting because the reader has to visit multiple pages. 1 tag for template design should be enough. I figure that way I can write about other topics that you don't want to read. You are looking for template hacks not for words on my latest hang over. By having a few zones like that I can see what topics didn't get updated. If the page is never updated it's not good. So each tag is to be treated as a whole separate blog!

machine search vs human interface