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Yahoo! 360 Product Blog - Most Exciting Release Since the Day We Launched

MSN? Music on a blog? Easy log in??? ROFL?? Yes IE logs out when you close it. What else is new? If I want to make a comment on a yahoo 360 blog I click log in and I'm logged in. You are trying to say: "I use the worse browser that obviously cant remember passwords". I use opera and I've typed my opera password ONE time in the history of man kind.

So your M$ browser just logs out of the M$ site?

How are you going to blame this M$ disfunctionality on Yahoo? Should they fix what ever bugged s* Bill Gates sells? I think your evil for using and advocating the Microsoft rip off. It's people who don't have a clue we have to thank for this dominance in the first place, lets not become any more ignorant shall we? MS office is expensive Open office is free and much better. IE earned trillions and was never updated in any way. Doing a bug fix is NOT an update. Yesterdays unfinished work isn't anything new today. Firefox or opera are so much better they can-not be compared to IE. And are FREE. It makes no sense you've already payed 100 times what IE was worth, it cant do what you need, so you just complain here? What about all those people who wrote a web browser for you? Why didn't you bother to look at it? Why destroy blogs if you can have the yahoo music engine? I will never visit any yahoo 360 blog ever again if yours starts to make noise. The flash afitaars already cut down my daily visits by 50% music would be a good way to end it.Yahoo! 360° - Yahoo! 360 Product Blog - Most Exciting Release Since the Day We Launched