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Chuck Norris Bruce Willis There is nothing as wrong as actors in politics. Chuck Willis is trying to leverage some media hype for his next action movie. REVOLTING!

Did he take the time to fly in? Wow, I wish I could do great things like that. I think actors don't tell the truth, they are well skilled liar's. He just acts as if--. His nonsense is just as worthless as the other movie sales man what's his name, Michael More? Why didn't MR more just put it on google video?

So Bruce Willis is going to make a no-profit movie from all his millions? I think not! He is going to exploit the war and get his publicity, that what he is horny for. Thats what keeps his smug alive. IE: "give me my millions"

Regan and Schwarzenegger stopped making movies the moment he got into politics. WHY was that? WHY???

Bruce Willis discovers moral
“What he is doing is something the American media and maybe the world media isn’t doing,”

What could that be? Spam blogging? He is the world media! Bruce will turn our serious subjects into his roadshow.

It's probably part II of this:

Hollywood still hasn’t forgiven Willis for his heresy mouthed before the 2000 election:

"If you guys vote for Al Gore, you're out of your minds… Gore's a knucklehead… just the lying and mendacity of the last eight years of the regime that Al Gore was a part and parcel of… I mean, there is only so much lying the American people will take before they go, 'Uh, this doesn't seem like a good idea.' You have to look at what he does and what he stands for."

Quality politics, "he is a Knucklehead". What a fart! Is that a rational statement? Did he use arguments to make his points?

he put out a reward for 1 million dollar! One whole million! Almost 1% of what he owns! WOOT! This sure defines how important this really is to him. Al Gore at least opened his wallet to change something.

We are going to be saved by a movie. Thats teh solution!