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What a mean thing to do ghehehe

You know all those businesses that invested gazillions to put their name out there? It's all nonsense, we are dumb enough to buy our own products. Now what interested me in this is that their business name doesn't have to do anything with their business. Microsoft can just make a product named Windows. As anyone can see it's clearly not a window they are selling. Windows are made from wood with glass in em.

I actually got this idea from some-one who doesn't know his way around the Internet at all but has a business in construction, selling windows of the kind that existed long ago. This guy was surfing for days and he was totally unable to find a single site selling windows. For Microsoft goes the same as for Sony, "thar cant have the root-kit" This is absolutely the same thing. It's called keyword spoofing. I don't get any respect for listing my porn site as a dating agency. Why should windows be any different? I think it's even time to protect our proverb's from the hands of nasty spamvertisers.

We could make laws all the way up to the point that: "Getting a big bill" can be "getting a big bill", and needs not to mean anything else. I know legit people selling windows for longer as microshift. I don't want some tobacco enterprise calling it self "make coffee", it doesn't make sense.

Best Microsoft hack evah. lolzz