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Gates unfazed by Google challenge

in a phone interview preceding his address, Gates downplayed a Google threat. I hear theyre coming out with a robot that will cook hamburgers, too. Lets spread that rumor - theres nothing they cant do, Gates said in jest. »»

M$ knows from experience: "we fear Linux" will make consumers look at it. Gates would not be the marketeer he was if he didn't find some way to fix that.

The joke above reminds me of the Gates we all payed :) You know that guy, he did 500 product demonstrations and nothing ever worked. It never worked not ONE single time! Journalists didn't know how fast to report it. "It didn't work on the official presentation!" Yeah, it still gets him on all the front pages. What a practical joker. A) the product didn't work B) front page news C) success

Why would he show us a product that works? We won't write about that, I mean look at me here! ROFL I'm fully aware but still a victim. HAHAHA