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The Yahoo hardware is happening

I warped up a few posts into Yahoo hardware call it a mood with a view but I'm astonished by google and yahoo actually implementing it. Remember, 2001 Be Incorporated (Nasdaq: BEOS) filed suit against Microsoft Corporation for the destruction of Be. Now Gates empire is going down. I was unable to write a single application for windows because it makes me vomit on the keyboard.

The 2.0 web is looking far more spectacular as I imagined. No one knows where the masses are running but we all run after em. The Wearable Computer, 1998 is coming along slowly but it's coming now. The most amusing things will happen, we will see our nerds geeks leave the house for the first time in 20 years. The Internet is going to happen outside in the close future. Not so much the reading, the publishing will be done on the actual location described.

This will also put an end to all the tech blogs, it's easy to write about the things we do. Writing in front of a PC will make you write about the computer. Or at least make it a lot easier. Mobile publishing will be faster more accurate and well illustrated. But it will go further, we have huge knowledge of tools out there. We will search more. The old economy is still pretending people on the web don't exist. There will be work for all of us.

It's either that or we will all stop reading blogs.