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Is yahoo abusing peoples content? They behave like they own everything on the server, in stead of first giving us the tools to make something realistic that is worth something eat up our content before it has a context. I would dare say yahoo photo is a great idea "free image hosting in exchange for print profit" but the way it's done just stinks. Flickr HTML or javascript cant even link to the original image. The extra clicks make it a pain in the ass to navigate bloged photos from the blog and they all link to pages it's doing horrible things to the number of links on a page. And no-one can customise the flickr page at-all in stead of the professional way that yahoo absolutely has the know-how for the bloged photos suck in search traffic and then the photo pages flush your main pages in the search engines true your own effort trying to make something of a look on the flickr page.

How stupid is that? I posted a badge of 100 photos one time then my page rank died my visitors visited 1 page on average and google put a flickr page above all my blog posts for the keywords used.

I only wanted the full size jpeg linked but it could not do that. It would be much nicer if the flickr page was on the users own domain. Or if it would look exactly like the rest of the users website. And give us the full size jpg links. The old Flickr crew obviously didn't have the resources for that. Sure you can demand a link back, But then you give me 500 banners to pick from to put on my own pages. AND allow me to submit my own "flickr banner design" on a yes/no basis. Maybe pay a referral fee?

Lets imagine each yahoo profile could have a whole shop attached to it. Each image on flickr could be a stock photo, each posting written could be priced content. Give the shop a yahoo publishers 246x60 banner. Then not mix the items all together as one service but make a separate index with everything in it. "more items by this publisher" linked to the themed personal mini shop. Just like those huge portals yahoo makes only smaller. I figure the lot of us could be trained to do a much better job at making our website. A good interface could make it all to obvious. +Good travel stories are more expensive as traveling.

Hell this "how to make money online with hosting pictures" -posting is probably worth more as a dollar! I could write another one and waist some serious time to earn almost nothing! *inserts inline flickr referral link* and that would be much more worthy a service to all stuff our nose in to say WTF a few times. You knwo the drill. :)

Why cant I attach a domain name to this thing what kind of sales people are you? Do I have to type everything out? The fact that your not paying me is not half as bad as not giving me the tools to pay myself. And I don't claim to know how either! Teach me, give me buttons to click! Why am I not sending out a newsletter to my non yahoo contacts?

If I can make a page with an entrance fee - I'm going to make that page. Lots of peeps know an interesting thing or 2 that they are not going to share for free. Lets give you an example of that? I should charge you at least 5$ for just this line: