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European problem management [upstream the internet]

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I don't remember who it was but some American mentioned that Europeans always have their attention pointed at failure. I'm still astonished by how correct that observation was. It could be extended to Americans not paying attention to misery but the European way of ONLY paying attention to things gone wrong is pure sadism. Here we don't open a new bar but we open a new risk to disturb the neighbors. Not the person working hiss ass of to make something in this dead economy. But his neighbor on TV to announce his business as an abomination of sound. It's not news it's sadism.

ESA is building it's own global position system. Not to be innovative, it's because paying the us military for this information is expensive and dangerous. I'm like "WTF??, that sounds innovative?". The way mentally disabled homeless people in the US are left to die outside is horrible and crazy. I mean, how cheap a bunch of millionaires are you? The way mentally enabled entrepreneurs in th EU suffer nut case taxes and no normal promotional channels is even worse. How dumb are we?

I think it's pretty simple, we need to give our attention to both victims and successful people. Not some sadist publication about victims but some fucking attention for success. Some racism would be good. (lol) Lets see a bit more African Americans with success, A bit more immigrants. Live examples of success formulas. Or do you think gangster rappers have no influence? It fucking looks like they care more as we do!

I'm sick of seeing people on TV at the most horrible point of their lives. Why don't they show me the same peeps as they graduate with a list of A's. Thats the stuff that makes spectators dedicated, motivated and exploitable. Hawkins is a good example for anyone in a wheelchair. Hell, the guy is a massive success. Lets not hear you whine from that chair ever again! ROFL

Yahoo can't really be blamed for this but for example "featured blogs" look above average. It makes us think we can do better. We all know I won't be featured cuz I like to use the word "fuck" a lot. (and the deed but thats not the subject) But now they actually have me think about it. Not that I want to be featured - I want to make my point clear and it may hinder.