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Lazy me

I want to have a cool blog but i'm far to lazy and it looks so good on me. hahaha

As I understand how you have this same kind of publishers-problem I have invented this great way to enhance the looks of our postings withouth much extra work. And it's not even random! You get to pick.:)

Astonishing 16 million $ painting by Rebecca

adding an image to your blog post

Now you can copy the html below create a new post and have the image shown here as well as a sub title for your post. If I make more you can add more as one to each post in a lazy way. It looks astonishing and she deserves the credit :)

<h3>Title of sub-post</h3>

Your blog postin goes here..

<a href=""><img src="" width="94" /></a>
Astonishing 16 million $ painting by <a href="">Rebecca</a>

p.s. I didn't ask if it was ok. lol So if this post or the image disapears you know what happend. :)