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.EU domain anyone? I happen to live here :)

Lookie at the .eu Sunrise status report page. EURid: .eu launch Registrar status Now, I can register a domain in my own name as a EU citizen. If you pay me 5 years or so you won't hear a word from me until that time. I'm not going to steal it from you so you need to pay me something reasonable for this transaction.

The .com's sell for millions so, do yourself a favor and cut the crap on the "8 $ it cost to buy em". The last time I bothered to ask was 40 000 USD.

This is one hell of an offer I would think? What domain would you like to own? I wanted to buy ecommerce.EU but I was to lazy. So, what is your excuse?

BTW. (since you never have any ideas)

I'm making one of those blogs most web guru own.
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