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You have to have some great product to have me blog about it.... this is hilarious shit. I was thinking of this kind of thing in 1985. A new law was introduced to make people pay for trailers parked all over town with bilboard size adverts on em.

Are you looking to make some extra cash each month or to drive brand new, free cars with cool advertisements on them? If so, come join the hundreds of our valued members that are driving their own cars wrapped in advertisements and the other hundreds of our members driving brand new, free cars with awesome advertisements on them. Get paid up to $500 per month to drive your own car with an advertisement on it. Or, drive a brand new, free car, truck, or SUV with an advertisement already on it.
Free Cars - Free Car Index

I think they pay so much it's probably good to get a short URL and advertise your own website on ur own car. :)

Does anyone know of a 360 blog with a domain name jet?