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The 360 blog banishing frenzy

Yahoo! 360° - Yahoo! 360 Product Blog - New Feature: Display Your Time Zone

After all of my bad language I see peeps removed from 360. Stil, I don't want yahoo 360 to turn into a porn pit and some what respect this view. I guess, if you are going to blog by the yahoo TOS it's safe to have it here. If you're not sure you can always post an rss feed. I do think it's more of a Chinese TOS we are looking to mind. I find it really, really, really hard to beleave the banished bloggers can't understand why their blogs got removed. Still, the thought doesn't make me happy. You can probably find some of your posts in google cahce or (good luck) Please send 360 feedback if you want it restored but do feel free to stop spamming the thread, we have no use for the message. I'm not yahoo?

My opinion is: Maybe you can try to write something interesting for a change? That can't be what they are looking for? It maybe more eficient to send the message where it should go. Best I can do is hope they can return it. The whole topic is the result of bad post and blog categories. Daniel made some interesting remarks. Bring on the "keywords", "categories", "search engines" and meta descriptions. ALREADY! I think it's the only way to divide tech, religious, gays and normal people's blogs. I guess yahoo connected us on a much to personal basis. I feel strange using google site search to find interesting posts here. That cant be nesasary? Maybe technorati can be pwned by yahoo?

about the new time stamp: It's hard to see when things are posted now? It also makes me a bit shy as I blog at night a lot. lol