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360 feedback send:
Because you give us no clue on traffic I would like to see the yahoo 360 logo and banner to have 2 sizes the smaller one should appear above X visitors per month. Maybe remove it entirely if it gets a million hits per day? You could say we don't get that much traffic but I'm sure it's not worth bringing it in at some point. Please build in the wordpress blogs, that would be great. We would read them all (good for business) and set a great example on 360 of how you makes proffesional-blog happens. In a sense of "titles" and "subjects". And points made around those.

please some mercy on the personal journal crap. You have people at another's throat by lack of substance, it's not as enjoyable as it could be. What about a more genral way to mark an rss feed as a blog? I really want my "blogspot update" to look the same as my "360 update" on the updates page. Can we enclose something in our rss feed to have an image show up with the blog feed? What if I start the blogspot post with <img rel="yahoo" I guess you could just do that for the yahoo wordpress blogs. Anything to make it more serious.

It would be interesting if you would colaps parts of the navbar when the blog is visited from the "view all updates" page.So that it just say's.

"<< back to updates"

(I always forget I was doing that. haha) The point is that we can quicky go to the next blog if some-one posted something extra un-interesting.

"look how there are other blogs!!"

thanks for your time and good luck.

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