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The big blogger blogspot that could [blogger hacks]

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After my long philosophy on sorting content, I've suggested to automatically generate proper tags for each posting. I've put together some sort of post with tags labels index or categories for yahoo 360 using the google site search powers. I've and created categories in blogger. I've added a style sheet to each post by it's category. And now I've added a site search that shows the articles you was lookin for withouth loading a page. ^_^ Just like the categories the search string does have it's own URL. So searches can be bookmaked like so:


normal categories look like this:

Even more features are comming.

If you have a blogger blog I would be happy to help you set up the template. I didn't make a final public release jet so you'd be damn original withouth the effort.

I don't want any links back for it or other shit. ;p