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immortality or therapy?

Alchemists are known for making gold and brewing elixir's of immortality. I'm going to hope you know this wasn't really a true fact :) Never the less they tried to accomplish immortalness true care for the individual as a whole, they tried to create the maximum care for body and mind. As I started writing this I was thinking of how we paused this into the corners like Diet and therapy. meaning health or weight problems and metal health. Sounds a bit like checking the oil after the car dies? Given the right nutrition people are more friendly and much more happy with who they are. Good and nutritious food and food supplements aimed at the individual.
After viewing a bit of comedy people do better at IQ tests. We have prove TV is what people think and talk about, our education methods in schools are some what less advanced. Then we have big prove of how much good condition matters long before we screw up at stuff. We can prove Meditation works if trained.

My guess is that college and TV should be the same thing.

One could argue school is boring and desire dumb entertainment in stead just as well as one could say this about TV. The powah of Hollywood wasn't half exploited. We could all be doctors and professors, no we should look at Briney Spears? "My ass" I say!