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how make intelligent "dialog" already?

After showing how to add links to your Yahoo! 360° Blog I got deeper and deeper into the topic of "dialog"; not so much doing research, more like developing the personal philosophy. I was thinking of how we make a person talk, just say "hi" - and we all reply. The same person can give an educated explanation as well as average mindless blather. It's scary because by "making a person talk" you are in full control of the conversation. 3 or 4 jokes about a profession or hobby and you shall never have their educated conversation again. Like, I'm not going to talk about my awesome weblog to you knowing you will joke about it. :) How does one go about forcing others to teach em? It's not like you can become invisible or stop being an influence. Explaining something is a different skill as knowing it.

Do you often talk about what you know?

Is it hard to make you?