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I was just looking at the richjerk - Google Search where a million Google adverts sit. His methods are way to obvious to ever buy his book, the book cant possibly be better as the thing he does out in the open. ghehehe - But it worked? I know things don't look the same from a different perspective. What interests me about this is that with the pyramid only the top earns money and the base makes nothing, with a narrow pyramid the few work for the lot and with a width pyramid the lot work for the few. If there isn't something to earn at the base the whole thing is nonsense. And expansion true nonsense marketing deflates credibility. If there was real money to be made you should probably be buying affiliates and pay them. Giving em away at a charge sounds so inefficient?

What I think is that if I can get people(you) to make some money and get you to teach this to others I don't have to explain how thousands of times.

Here are 100 articles already. Now I need to read and create a shorter version for my blog. :) You go have a good read and give me some words on the above or Bellow. :)

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