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Google gets advertised

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" the ad ended not with a URL or phone number for a local dealer, but an actual Google screenshot with Pontiac typed in"

This sure is an interesting sidestep. If it indeed works and makes goog a lot of cash they could do the tv add without any help.

I was thinking, now that they have the global contextual infrastructure they could buy/sell other advertisement media. It would be interesting to advertise on TV and say target 10 Dutch newspapers do 50 German billboards, smoke signals in America etc all from the adwords interface.

I'm 100% sure it's the easy interface making the cash not the adds, we already hate the adds?

Google could run a commercial for recently updated blogspots. So the logical yahoo 360 feature request in my unlogical mind would be (preferably global) TV advertisement for the Interesting Pages on Yahoo! 360° That would create a lot of "trying to be interesting" blogs. I will make one "as seen on TV". Push the content around a bit. I've never seen CNN inside the blogs but I think the idea is a winner. It's the least a multinational can do for the thousands of free content providers. Google could advertise a blogsearch for tech for example. But a more realistic search would be the top 10 of expensive keywords. Then the traffic may grow and push the price down.