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Wana team blog - anyone? (you)

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I must say the second last post was more as I could handle myself. (hahaha) I must go to school, I must look for any job then look for a better one. I've been doing way to little the passed months. You've seen the blogs. Now I will need to go and do something else (career moves). You do have more as enough other blogs to read but we know that just ain't the same. Oh, I must have a thousand other things to write still. I find a new subject every day then think to much about it. If no-one can find the time it may as well be me who is having the deep thought on it. But time ran out as well as credibility and I've lost to much order to let it get any worse. I'm not the person to find the things I need to do something, I'm more like trying to make something of the things I've found. I'm good at this (for as far as that helps) so I know it can be done while keeping the blogs going IF (extra big if) I can manage to make a productive blog. My creations, writings or "time spending online" took lots of time and cost the equivalent of a private jet compared to the social support I feed on. (bad me) But it wasn't worth a candybar if mesured in food. :)

The thing I do have is the attention of a lot of publishers, I'm sure they don't think much of themselves as reporters... but I know better :) It's easy for the lot of us to create something of more content as the average main-stream publication.

I think the big flaw we would need to fix works like this:

We can read a maximum of X posts per day and we can write Y of them. We know X is a lot bigger as Y but this doesn't mean we need 100 000 new pages per day. I do have an interests in selective categories.

Then I only have a few thousand left, this is still way to much, I can only begin to read a post and see 100 new posts the moment I'm done. Yahoo 360 pushed the tools to a point where it's waaay to obvious how we can't keep up reading with all our friends. My excuse would be in place.

The problem with publishing on paper is that the paper is only so big. The blog allows an almost unlimited number of publications to happen, size is not an issue of limited paper to print on. It's cap is the readers ability to read.

Wiki team blog a draft

We need to find a way to get more as 1 person working on a single post. Like some newspapers or wikipedia do it. That always creates shorter and more efficient content.

The thing is that I'm trying to write down my thoughts but you are having your own while reading it. Thoughts that are just as relevant to the subject. It would be easy to change a few lines to add a chunk of your know-how and a bit of ur sense-of-humor. If each post has a few authors and an ok from a few other publishers (at random). Then it would probably be worth to read the blog every day.
Who needs 1 million posts about what an ipod is? A good webpage has 20-40 links. Lets have all 20-40 of those authors working on the one-post?

Being a single publisher makes it unattractive to pursue keywords. As it's pretty easy to find out what people search for. But with a blog-team "sensible subjects" sound sensible.

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