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you dare call that a webserver?

I've sad it before and I will say it again, if you make software you better never ever use a text documents to set up basic configuration.  They claim apache is for advanced users. Isn't that the kind that costs 200$ per hour? Thats an expensive check box they didn't make. I'm far from being anything close to an advanced user, should I buy the 200$ help for installation? How retarded are they?

How do hackers run applications on my pc if this "advanced use" application cant even manage to install itself? They are advanced beginners. Thats what they are. In my book there is no excuse for failing to explain the obvious. After 2 day's I can say Apache is teh suck! WOW what a horrible tool (if it is a tool).

This posting is really a tribute to  Jim for pointing me at a more useful server application, one that even includes a tutorial with the installer.  Gratzz Jim, that was cool.Image