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The problem exploitation of Google spam

How is it that one and the same email can be posted in 10 000 news-groups in 5 min if they are "working at it". It would take say "3 whole minutes" to fix that permanently.   Gmail is 100% spam prove, but they didn't make those features public. Can you explain why email from contacts is not at the top?   I think we don't have external css for Blogger because Google wants the other search engines to save the css for each post page.   It use to be: search page > result page > website   Now it is slowly going to:   Search page > result page > Blog > website   Frequent updates are well over rated, it's making the indexing almost impossible.

A friend of mine hates the internet. He was going back to pages he had bookmarked and "they didn't have the same links". Even the back button "didn't display the same page". The adverts he wanted to click upon had been replaced.

I have to agree a bit here. Search results display new links every time the page is loaded.

What is spam?

The topic was about spam. What is spam? Rule one is that it has to be duplicate content as-in "the same message". This means not-every annoying message can be called spam. We want interesting information and lots of it, this makes it impossible to avoid repeating something that was already described. So a bit of quoting never makes the message spam. It makes it a true resource even! I cant begin to describe how much I hate installing one software in parts from 5 different sites, the same goes for learning something.

Conclude something (anything)

In the back of my head I still had the Wana team blog - anyone? (you) topic. And I think it would be fun to editorialise one post with a team of people, it must be a true pain to get the post together and be equally astonishing.

That would be similar to a Message Board where people add there opinions and such but now we will make ONE message from the whole thread.

Just like a wiki we can all edit and create a new version BUT we are going to give it a publication date and we will vote for different versions. I can make a ♥'ly cartoon and any of your writing would be what we are looking for to create the draft.

The self-fulfilling prophecy to it is REALLY SIMPLE. If I know that "a lot of people worked on each blog posting" I'm going to read the blog. If it's one of my friends is an editor I'm going to read it for sure!

Look how long this post is. This was written by 1 author. You read 1 author - reading this. In the same time you could be reading the combined work of 10 or even 50.