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Yahoo! Answers - IS the USA a popular country?

Yahoo! Answers - IS the USA a popular country?

As a place to go I would have to say yes.

But for the rest, NO, thanks to the language Americans are/sound I bit to full of themselves. In Europe we think if a person has to say (and constantly repeat) how fantastic he is it is probably not true. Why didn't I notice this greatness? We do say that things are fantastic here but always add the "why" part. So A simple "I am fantastic, I am incredible!" is missing the "WHY" 2 times.

It's hard to describe. But if you are fantastic that is something for me to say not for you. Saying one thing is good means all other things are less good. "50 cent makes great music" means "Bach didn't make great music" or at least "not as great as" I'm not a god man but how did "god bless the world" get limited to "god bless only the American people"?

It's really a problem with language, it can sound so awkward. It some how appears Americans can agree with people not with separate ideas. Then we still have some democracy in Europe. It isn't much but we have it. :) The way US elections are done is really upsetting. Votes are NEVER spoiled here, they still represent their owners opinion even after the election. We all win because we have a democracy and IF we do. We had 80% turn up the last referendum. 100% was counted as if it was money.

I cant begin to understand how one state can remove a person from the ballot that people living in other states voted for. Meaning the USA is a dictatorship. (didn't you guys have nukes pointing at us?)

How does this sound to you?: Long live Europe! We are the most fantastic nation in the world! We are better in all aspects! God bless Europe as we are the most fantastic thing that ever happend to this world!

If I sad stuff like that any European would say I'm crazy. We Eurolanders are more (dare I say it) problem oriented. Bring up a subject and we will make a problem of it long before we can think about it.

I have a lot of friends in the US and they are all nice people (last time I checked).