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Expand your brain with NO effort

LOOOOL, WTF ROFL!!! I've been into computars for all teh life and frankly I've been laughing loudly at how pathetic everything is today on a dailey basis. We use to have discussions of hours to max out usability of an application. This wasn't so un-obvious as it is today as computers just could not do lots of stuff at the same time. So we had it do "the little it could" and spend time making it better. We didn't need bugs to improve things. It was hard to find something to improve after a while I can tell you that.

We (coders) use to build a dialog the user would have with the computer. 4Example: Today we have links named "create new post" that use to be a function key describing what the user was going to do: "F1 - I want to create a new post in the blog" as if the user was saying the thing to the pc.

One of those hilarious things is that today we remember how to use something like "home > view all updates > select something with a drop-down > go" That use to be "F1-F3-F1-F4" which is a thousand times faster if you know the menus like your pocket.

Computing! We've created a few million documents for each subject and it's safe to say that nothing can be found where it should be.

WTF I was on about. I browse the web and find interesting topics at some frequency they mostly sit around a single topic for some time then slowly move on to the next. The internet doesn't give me the interesting topics as fast as I would like it to, my mind isn't as fast as I would like it to be either. So this answers Yahoo! Product is like an expansion of normal thinking to me. I can jump subject like a woman without having that skill in-the-head. ghehehehehe