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The dumbest game ever is <b>World of warcraft</b>

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I found WOW a super dumb game. It’s not an RPG it’s a sim. It’s an RPG simulator. You get unlimited life’s. There is no-game to it. It’s like grant turismo without the car!

There is also very little “massive online” on their small local servers. I almost bought it to see what it was like but Blizzard thought it was ok to have 1/2 the capacity for the PRE-ORDER. It’s just like selling tickets for a concert that is soled out.

The game is played in teams and you cant abandon your team, you have to sit there and play for X hours straight and nothing ever happens! I’ve seen friends play it and walk in a straight line for 50 minutes! HAHAHA

It’s not even close to Diablo II Hardcore or Starcraft.Heroic and immortal don’t match. The game is so boring and time demanding people drop dead off the chair! If there was any “game” aspect people would worry about losing. Like a diablo char dies or starcraft account should have ZERO losses.

But no! In wow you get a 100 KG sword on the head from a guy that looks like Conan and it takes 1/100 of your HP. “Quick a healer before I have to resurrect an unlimited number of times!”

Pac man didn’t work like that at all. LOL - lifes lost? Game over! - the ghost didn’t have to hit you 100 times, and you do lose lifes that do not grow back.

The buy and sell WOW accounts google adds on blogs make me worried about how long this madness is going to continue, I won’t be surprised if it was a permanent hype like football. ahhhhhhh

I just visited gamespy (it was a long time ago) they have a lot of new titles that look good. I cant imagine they are all as bad as world of warcraft. So it’s hype hype and hype and thats all it is really.

The ipod will make it hype even better.