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"Free" means it sawks

If I had an euro for each time I sad "FREE means it could be better" I would have at least 2 euro. Lets add an example: Reading this weblog is free. I would work a lot harder at it if this was my job.

Now, as a result of that I refuse to accept that education should be free. It sounds terrific but it's a dumb statement. Employers demand employees to have the right education for the job. Without the proper school they can not manufacture the product. The education is part of the production process. I cant think of 1 good argument to supply it to them for free. It bloody obviously costs thousands to obtain education and it's equallyobviously going straight into the product. The product can not exist at all without the "school" ingredient.

Our country's can not exist without school. Why in earths name are we demanding this education to be delivered almost for free by the parents. It's our future to start with! As companies pay taxes it means the entire educational contribution is eventually forwarded from the parents true the company to the government and the customer!

The customer should PAY for his own product not the mum and dad of the guy in the plant. Our government should support our education not exploit it. O_O If company X needs thing Y to make product Z they should bloody well pay for that! I don't care what it is.

Then last but not least "did free education sawk?". Of course it did! Employers didn't have to pay for education so they didn't care what it was! They had something better to do and we can't blame em. "so, you are a professor? well good for you!".

It's no wonder people are getting to work further and further below their level. If you run a factory with dumb work the people are going to be worthless to other business in about 10 years time. It should be made interesting to educate the workers so that they bring in money at the moment they are fired. It's not like there is nothing to earn in the job sector.

If the worker doesn't find a new job you don't get the education value back cuz there is non. This will make older workers really interesting. They are cheaper for their level of education.

Please give me an example of "free" education being better as "paid".