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my letter the THINKfuture Radio Show

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My letter to the THINKfuture Radio Show

Dear future dude,

I've been lurking your podcast and I must say I'm pretty sure you have a bad view of your number of actual listeners. I personally go down your page to the yahoo podcast thing and click "play now". I've subscribed for the sake of the number.

But as your podcast is obviously one of the best things happening on the web from an educational-examplamentory point of view in the opinion that is entirely my own. You make reasonable enough content
with little or no effort. Your messed up site is actually a compliment to your content some how. You've made it look easy. Of course I don't agree with a lot of things you say but thats all the better. ghehehehe

But enough about you lets talk about me for a bit (my favorite

I was thinking of how much it sawks how we get millions of new yet reasonable content items per day of witch say 100 podcasts and 10 000 weblogs are really worth tracking every single day... over and over again..... ahhhhh...

I think we publishers forgot about some of the most important parts. We missed the lack of ability of our visitors to visit so many sites every day. We missed the advantage of a discussion group or a forum over a weblog or radio show. Lets call it the "oh, I am suppose to reply to this" part. It's just missing.

We can either create small chunks of dialog or make a monologue. But we are trying to do both! Not a long monologue and no dialog either.

Upsetting proof is the success of "inline advertisement" (where the advert goes inside the article) It sounds awkward but most websites offer no other new content after the new content. So, after I listen to your latest show I leave. O_O Or (even worse) after peeps read my new blog post, they leave to!

So, we should all work together as much as we can. Our audience demands it! lol

Could you do a podcast from this blog post as if it's a draft script?

I thought I give you some webdesign tips/ideas:

It would be cool if you used feedburner buzzboost to put your latest blog posts and your podcast feed on the page. (Above
the adverts)

like here:
and here:
Maybe even an answers badge like here: You could post "the question of todays show", that would be cool.

Give us a sniplet of HTML to add to our page, stop thinking so small of yourself. :) We need banners in all sizes or we can't add em. I need a 468 for my rotator.

The most professional way I can think of is by creating blog postings in your yahoo blog with this information (+HTML) then linking the post from the website.

a footer with "home" "about" "contact" "link to us" would be enough.

I was thinking.. blogs have a front page with 10 posts, maybe you could create an mp3 with 10 shows and replace the file so that my pc asks me if I want to over write the thing. You could make it so that the html you give us can link to a static url with the latest 10 shows. Could also give us the raw buzzboost code to advertise you.

I see that yahoo podcasts keeps permalink pages for your shows. But can I link to separate shows some place "yours"? It's hard to give you credit in a reply-blog-post I guess. Maybe you can offer some HTML for each show or a Blogger/yahoo360 blog-this button. That would be innovative. :) I bet Web 2.0 is going to be about "well editorialised content".

Do you have any ideas to team publish?