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yahoo feedbach

First to fix that friends problem, I add just about anyone but I always have a look at their blog before I do. I'm sure I've seen all my yahoo friends blogs. I think it's pretty cool how we all manage our own directory without really knowing we do. :)  Our friends page needs a subject and a description. So we can describe our taste for flesh.Image

The yahoo answers "do not link to personal homepage" things sounds pretty obvious at first but I ran into my first problem with it already. I have a lot of photos of Holland online and the question was about traveling here. I spend like 100 hours working at the answer already.Image lol - It's a bit strange but also interesting like this. I figure each link posted could have a thumbs up or down option and be removed if no-one is interested. Maybe have the asker moderate the page a bit? Give an ok for the link.

But to name another thing, say I supply a winning answer. Should I not be allowed to upload an illustration for it? I have thousands ok ok I won't link to em ... but for some questions we could use an image. NOT as the answer but as an illustration. I would even dare say I want to control the css as well. Image One of my recent inventions is not to style a website but style parts of it. Each category has it's own chunk of css.

When you think about obvious is it that a deathmetal page should be black? A page about flowers can have flowers on it! As it can be done, one should wonder what is better. This would look fantastic if you could syle the pages by their subject and the posts by their authors CSS. Let me pick one first and if enough points are scored I may submit my own.

The discussion should be aimed at global governments in my opinion, research that yahoo
 can supply much better as 99% of our own govenment resources 
(that are database management jokes) I think the fat millions in this sector are soon to be noticed. Image

That brings me to my biggest yahoo annoyance so far. Nothing I do on any other yahoo service has an option to create blog postings.

If I upload 100 000 million photos to yahoo photo THEN 1 thumbnail on my profile changes. ImageThat will take years for anyone to notice! %#%#@^%^@$#%#!!!!

What it should look like (in my opinion) is a blog posting with the same info as the Y! photo page.

"Do you want to post this question/answer on your yahoo 360 blog?"
[] don't ask again

but no, I get a separate page with my feeds that no one ever bothers to look at. LOL "can we please block it" peeps say.

As it would look awesome as mixed content, that would be the blog!

" You have successfully created a Y! lauchcast station,
Do you want to post it on your yahoo 360 blog?"
[] don't ask again (always don't/do create)

So that the blog becomes a voyage of yahoo services, one by one they come by. Not all at once!

HEY THERE IS A REVIEW! What is that???
HEY A FLICKR BADGE?? What is it???


Can make it far more silly even...


Just make nice prefab service announcements and stick em in the blog. Say I make a new friend, 2 posts appears about this new found friendship, this post could contain the friends latest blog entry just like the friends on the front page.

The post then auto updates, what better post content is there? Y! can make it happen in a single click.

The answers in the blog don't get a "post a comment" link, the post only gets a permalink pointing the answers page. 

This will skyrocket the yahoo 360 blog page-rank.