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Anirudh Koul's 21,093 points

I find the number way to big, it doesn't mean anything to me? It looks just like he answered 5000 questions? Yahoo should explain what we get points for. (good answers that is) And make people start at ZERO!! I'm already bored with the porn question. What is the deal? You just let anyone post 50 dumb questions? WHY???? I find 50 dumb questions a whole lot, I will leave after reading 3 pages. One dumb question each is more as enough. I find it almost imposible to spot real users like this.

If I would post some example of those I would be banished from yahoo 360. AFTER ONE POST! Don't get the wrong idea, do keep up the good work. :) It would be great if peole with as much points as Anirudh had an option to delete dumb questions. Like with wiki spam. (and the 360 blogs) Yahoo! 360° - Yahoo! Answers Team Blog ( - Our first featured Q&Aer!