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<b>Google Adsense</b> is a scam

I'm pretty sure about it now, Google group spam is send by Google, Gmail spam is send by Google. All spam blogs are Pwerd by Google.

Adsense is just spam, 99.99% of the publishers NEVER get paid and have ZERO control over their own page. They cant even see what they are linking to.

Then my total earning of 3$ has vanished! I would think a message what happened to this mini money would be BUSINESS AS USUAL? But no, we appear to banish users without a word. I can even log in, I can copy and past adds, I can use everything only the advert impressions don't work.

You owe me 30 contextual visitors google. "interested in what I write"

It's like Picasa, could have been cool but it was bought and discontinued. Nothing was made of it.

Pyra web was really cool until it became Blogger without the pro part.

Blogger was a mini project by pyra web.

Pyra Labs is the company who coined the word Blogger, and made the service a big success.

The co-founders were Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan, and the company's first product, also named 'Pyra', was a web application which would combine a project manager, contact manager, and to-do list. In 1999, while still in beta, the rudiments of Pyra were repurposed into an in-house tool which became Blogger.

So, Google. How are you doing on the Google project manager? And the Google contact manager? How about the Google TODO list then?

7 years is a loooooooooong time not to finish anything. Blog search was first mentioned just before the take over. You remember? That little project that needed to disappear so badly? Pyra was already 100 times what google is today in 1999. Google abused the blog module that was all. They removed all index projects and all means for creating an index for the blog.

Thats how this great free CMS turned in to a diary platform that is  good for nothing. Then cry about the lack of profit in Blogger! Who ruined the blogs here? Wasn't it more important to have as much new bloggers as possible? Why did they ignore those that already got fooled? (already had a blog) The money is in Google idiots, where the blogs crap index replacement lives.

There use to be Blogger-pro to mention one of those superb pyra web products. This was very cool because it's wasn't free. I would then send this as an email and ask gently for some assistance. My time appears to be worth nothing to Google. With their nonsense spam blog detection system that goes off on the first post.

I'm not going to type any more capcha at all.  NOT-ONE do you hear me? A MESSAGE WOULD BE APPROPRIATE. LIKE THIS ONE HERE. FREAKS!!

How dare you flag my journal as Spam. What an insult!

Google is spam, I can prove the biggest gmail spam filter was removed.

I specially mind not adding rant in a blog with adsense. Then what do I see? Adverts with hate speech! And my pathetic 3$ disappeared! 

What great automation!!! Woooo Hoooo


Don't think the Yahoo publishers network is any different. How it is a  US-only product is just tremendously BORING!  The rest of the world can use it when the hype is over and everything is soled out. Advertising with yahoo is as good as giving your money to the US.

I'm forced to read about product that have no use to me. Surprised that I complain about it? You'd be surprised how often the "just go away" argument didn't work on me.

I didn't look at google earth or google maps for 2months now. Lets have a look if Amsterdam is already on it. You know Amsterdam Google? It was what New-York was named after.

Ah, well a huge improvement. Amsterdam isn't a plumber firm in Detroit anymore!,4.889999&spn=0.952504,3.397522

Wow what a fantastic map! Are you guys that dumb. It kind of shows over seas.

I use to read lots of blogs about google one by one they bored me to death with those us maps and satellite images.

I'm going to ignore it for 4 months now. And complain of course. My time is cheap google says. They will learn.

We will see about this 3 bucks you owe me Google.

Adsense has implemented about 5 ideas of mine. Nothing big in my book but huge in theirs.

In stead of hiring me or even sending an email. They are going to act all brave and ignore me. HAHAHAHA

I've probably used to much bad language already to ever be hired by this infernal machine. HAHAHAHA

The package is not the content google. It may look appealing at first but IT'S NOT the content! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

SAN FRANCISCO -- Google Inc.'s stock price dropped by more than 4% Monday, accelerating a recent shift in sentiment that has caused once-ebullient investors to become more circumspect about the online search engine leader.

Barron's cast the latest pall on Google with an article outlining several risks that threaten to squeeze the company's profit margins and cut its market value in half.

The gloomy scenario further dampened investors' enthusiasm for Google, whose market value has plunged by 27% during the past month to wipe out nearly $40 billion in shareholder wealth. Google's shares fell $16.91, or 4.7%, to close at $345.70 on the Nasdaq stock market. The shares peaked at $475.11 on Jan. 11.

Since its stock reached that high, Google has released a fourth-quarter earnings report that didn't live up to analysts' lofty expectations and alienated some of its users by launching a censored version of its search engine in China to adhere to that country's government restrictions on free speech.

Those developments have contributed to an abrupt change in perception about Mountain View, Calif.-based Google, which began 2006 as a widely revered Internet icon that seemingly could do no wrong as its shares soared from their August 2004 initial public offering price of $85.

Now, Google is increasingly being viewed as a company vulnerable to stiffer competition as well as its heavy reliance on advertising revenue growth that could taper off as companies become more sophisticated about online marketing.

Barron's critical piece, which warned Google's shares might drop to as low as $188, provided a textbook example of how the pendulum has swung against the company.

Many of the potential problems detailed in the Barron's article also loomed as possible pitfalls during 2004 and 2005, William Blair & Co. analyst Troy Mastin reminded investors in a Monday research note.

"While we agree that the company is facing more headwinds today than last year, most of the fundamental issues raised by Barron's are not materially different than 12 or 18 months ago," Mastin wrote.

Most other analysts echoed Mastin's sentiments, continuing to describe the recent downturn in Google's stock as a golden opportunity for bargain hunters.

"The simple takeaway is that Google owns the best fundamentals in the Internet sector," Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney wrote Monday, reiterating his belief that the company's shares will bounce back to as high as $490 during the next year.

Another prominent Internet analyst, Safa Rashtchy of Piper Jaffray, said he believes Google's shares will reach $600 by the year's end.

Thats what you get when the NR 3 and NR 4 search results for "Google" are made of dumb locolised crap.

Did you think we are remotely interested in insulting services?

I know that "only I" know what I know. Now be ignorant and ignore me.

Or I can be poor and laugh at you. It's all the same to me.

Google: "NO, plz give me more ideas for free!"

Go fetch google. Go find some link-spam for ur index.

What would this guy be talking about?

"what´s up with the searcher man? you eliminated it...

Could that be the Superior search engine? Did I already write a demo of it? OMG?

The dude saved a copy that was clumbsy from me. Then again he did help invent the thing. :)

So is there any multinational interested in taking over the whole web?

I'm for hire and I'm cheap, I really am much to good for the task.

Use the phone 06 48390928

I'm curious what business could have teh brains to hire me.