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Google, the feds, yahoo, M$N and Jhon Doe

. If users believe that the text of their search queries into Google's search engine may become public knowledge, it only logically follows that they will be less likely to use the service."
Yahoo! 360° - Jim S. tech and misc blog. - Google to feds: Back off
I'm going to dis-agree, I like "big brother" as long as he locks up the bad guys. I could ague that "Searching on Google protects people who should be locked up".

People have forgotten what freedom means, it doesn't mean freedom to sell crack or freedom to sell stolen organs. That would be exactly where freedom doesn't happen. It's where it ends.

The us government may be bad at most things they do, I think the world would be a better place if they had our full surf history. Had our full surf history just like the hackers.

All this BS as the clue is sooooo simple! What they should do (google MSN and yahoo) is create an option in the profile.

[] "make my search results public"

one in 10 000 will check that box (I will) and the search engine can profit in a non intrusive way for a change.

I'm a very chaotic person, I can do 600 things at a time and have no clue on their progress. I do have some-what of a pic of doing to much things at the same time. I know that the new is fun but the old could be left unfinished. If there is one thing a person can get right doing 600 things it is making up the mind on getting the priority's sorted out.

I thought I was really bad at it but it appears most action people take is fixated at the results of that very same action. We don't compare the thing we do with other things we could have done. It would appear a waist of time most of all.

Making a mess from to much projects is where Google, yahoo, m$n, the us government and Gaby have one thing in common.  I think the later has it all figured out. Image At mess-making they better know my authority.

Say we have only 2 subject to talk about for our government.

1 global warming
2 gay marriage

Now lets not pretend we can divide our attention or perfectly do 2 things at the same time. We can not! So what should our government be working at? Millions and millions of dollars and our entire government resources for WHAT? It sounds like "we better get this marriage figured out before the world ends" what is that? Not just "what! Do you think we have time for that bs??". But also "What! Do you think we have time to disagree with this??". It has little to do with our life so, why should we care? Let them do as they please so that we can move on to topics that do have priority.

Government priority like all those 3rd world projects that got tossed in the bin as we worried about the Tsunami. The disaster was very real but it didn't have to kill so much people and projects in Africa at all!

Google, MSN and yahoo are even more hilarious on the priority topic.

When it comes down to the users government "WHERE THE REAL WORK LIVES" they pathetically crawl back into their company policy. 

So the "free tip for those to proud to hire me" of today is:

Work is money!

Take it one word at a time and let it sink in Goog, Y! & m$ Repeat after me "WORK", "MONEY", "WORK", "M0NEY"...

Now all at once! "PRIORITY!"!!, "PRIORITY"!!


Take 3 min to gather your thoughts now(after all that pressure)

Now explain to me why I have to wait for at least 500 years for you bunch of idiots to make our democracy REMOTELY look like wikipedia or yahoo answerers.

My best bet is that yahoo msn and google are to stupid and the government is waaaaaay to un-tech-savi, the one can only do entertainment the other doesn't do feedback.

So my feedback goes here in the blog by lack of blank document. I know, I know yahoo was giving it to me to entertain you. So, Yahoo and google shall entertain you with it in the same way our governments will ignore it.

Thats what their priority's work like.

I thought that would be important to let you know. Image