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Spam blogs don't work?

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As an accidental feature of my template I can make posts without titles that don't appear in the menu on the blog. Their content only shows up below the posts on the post pages and the rss feed. So I thought it was a good spot for a little advertisement.

I intend to create a nice set of scripts for blogger but as I was playing around with the concept of advertising automated surfing. (I thought it's not that bad actually? You hit start and see a few websites. And others will do the same for your homepage or blog.)

Unlike most of the sites in those rotators I actually make real content? (At least I think I do) The scripts here took a 100 times more effort to make as to "cut, paste & use". I even made tutorials? But now it appears to deflate attention.

So, would you blame me for advertising my blog on my page?Image

Spam blogs don't work?