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Yahoo! 360 - tricks, tips, tutorials, pictures and words - Paid to surf guide

I'm interested in programs that offer both the surfing to earn traffic (preferably 1 on 1) and have an option to buy upgrades in order to surf for cash. It works much like a big % refund. You can (most probably will) get more as 100% of your money back but in order to earn a reasonable buck from a time/effort point of view you need to put a lot to much money in the program. 

The solutions is easy. You don't use one program to turn all your money into one income. You just use the lot of them. It's better to bet on more as one horse. Don't think that viewing 10 websites per day for 100$ is going to last very long. It's better to do 10 or 20 programs and view a few 100 pages per day. Do it for free for the first bit. Try to learn something from it, I know I did already. 

The advertisers amuse me, it's just as good as the commercial with a free movie only now you get traffic. Strangely enough we didn't get a proper website slide-shows in the browser. This is a proper website slide-show. Then (unlike TV networks) they advertise another a whole lot. Try to learn stuff from it, like "what kind of pages are worth advertising?" You may be surprised by what you come up with. It's not silly keywords, you get to see an active "cash making" website and (best of all) it will go away by it self! You are reading my blog for free but maybe I should be paying you for it? I would wonder how that would work now? 

Just subscribe to all then read what you have to do and get, that would make my day.Image

Yahoo! 360° - tricks, tips, tutorials, pictures and words - Paid to surf guide