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We often get threads on Blogger Forum that discuss alternatives to AdSense.
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I’m so bored with adsense. If I am to sell something I should know what it is? That would be handy?

So they are random ads, non contextual.

I personally make about 1 click per 10 000 page-views. The blocks never have anything interesting in em. Advertisers scream for more text, publishers want more formats. Google does nothing.

The adsense team probably thinks it’s cool to see millions of blogs with a link unit about BLOGS. Lets act as if blogs are all about blogs! It’s not contextual. It has nothing to do with the context what so ever. I like to think it’s best to say nothing if you have nothing to say? I’ve never seen a link unit that worked?

I would do a better job on my own, (no joke here) But it’s pretty funny.

For a good google rating you need far less keywords as those stupid add units. So you would have to ruin your page readability and searchability to please adsnes. bhwhahahahahha!!!!! Must stuff keywords. HAHAHAHA

It’s more like contextual kidnapping. Changing the lay out of a website is bad. Adds should be in place from day one. Then one would have the full wrath of google nonsense on the page.

I’ve sad it a million times now, lets repeat myself again:

“free means it sawks”

I pay for my advertisement now, and guess what? I know what I’m advertising! I can give feedback, I can click the adds and see what the page looks like! I can pick the banners I want to use.

And guess what? Advertisers dont whine like google about me writing about them. LOL!!! I thought thats what they paid for? Google? no? huh?

They are such N00B advertisers, they don’t even know the line “adds by google” is making people banner blind. I instantly ignore what ever is written above that.

Maybe AOL can help them. HAHAHAHA

Then they think it’s ok using multiple font sizes on my page that have nothing to do with my css what so evah. What the deal with this scripted iframes?? is it 1970? Why not use document.write???

We can do a far better job at making the font the same size cross browser/platform. Lets use 1 font size for content on the page????? That would look nice? In stead of inherit Adnsense has no style at all.

I hand-pick what I advertise, I think the services are cool. If not they are removed. I advertise nothing I don’t use.

Now lets have a look at those advertisers. ^_^ Font is to small, using ancient computers? No example on the front page. Submitted 2 urls, 1 didn’t have enough words the second triggered a big php error. Font is to small, (did have an example page (2 whole images))

With Adpoint you can generate more money then with other programs because the system is optimized for publishers like you.

Wow, must be contextual gods, already know me after 2 page views. Apples are bigger as oranges because bananas taste good. font to small, (did have an example page (in ugly flash))

You’ve worked hard to develop a high quality content rich website that attracts a steady stream of traffic. So naturally you’ll want to get the highest price for your inventory.

I want to keep getting paid and no more as it should cost. The interesting advertisers will leave and popuners are eavol. I didn’t read enough to see the difference with the original product. Lots of non-link blue text. I don’t like the advertisers name on my adds.

Look at what you get free:

That should be “read about things we don’t show you” This looks good. But I don’t like free affiliate programs.

$10 minimum payouts through PayPal

Use paypall, put it in blue but no link? Makes me feel dumb. No forgiveness in the interface. Again their name on my adds. sign up to see what it looks like. Appear to have forgotten the exmaples again. Name on adds. nice font? 8px? What do the adds look like??? This has to be the best example of all. HAHAHAHA

ok, hope this is of help to anyone.