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What did you miss? was it this big?

I just figured out how to kill spam for good. I could do it on my own. :) But the average webmaster of today doesn't even know HTML let alone how to add a vavicon to their homepage. For example has a google icon? google n00bs? They didn't try to bookmark their own service! I had to change the inbox bookmark url to get the right icon. Good trick btw, delete their names and use the icons, set them a bit bigger if you can. I do not tax my reading ability using my bookmarks, it's 100% instinctive. hehehe

So I'm not going to mention how to end spam at all. :--) I'm going to wait and look until some one finds out how it's done. I've seen google msn and yahoo avoid all spam killing measures. I do know why now so I wont share. :)

I know, it's a bit mean but "hey!" it's not like I'm being paid by anyone, even the millions of typo's I've made miraculously tun into domain names owned by person X. :) I always do a great job at finishing half the thing.

I know the blog readers mind, you are having a nice read, maybe drop me a short line. I'm not important at all, to anyone :) I didn't say you are a small thinker but I'm sure you are mini minded here in this little context of mine, 1/16 of your attention, 100 "real" things to do.

What really worries me is that your attention for this monologue could well be bigger as you would like to admit. I could explain in person with the same words. But it wouldn't be the same. Simply because the moment to talk about this subject doesn't exist.

Downgrading to this slow pc is limiting the number of pages I can visit per day. I always use to have a blog on the second screen. :( There you have it, the same evil I accused you off. I've ignored your blog. :(

How are we to make this world a better place if we cant get to know another beyond some point?

hummm, don't answer that, I bet I'm far better of like this. As the master of ignorance, I can spot it with my eyes closed. hahaha

I've spend much of my life talking to people about doing stuff, they've all waisted my time with explaining why it was a bad idea. The time you've spend reading this post is worth far more as 1$ already. How much more can you waist with explaining how dumb I am? Our life waisted with this? What is the excuse?