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Awake again :)

I've been really busy thinking about surfing, I've seen so many worthless websites addressing greed only I'm beginning to think it's not the way. hahaha WTF happened to love peace and happiness?

I feel like I have to re-invent the TV commercial with the 20 seconds page view limit. hahaha I'd better do what I do always (talk utter nonsense) I'm still surfing at the moment, the pages pop up after they load and I change tabs back to this entry. I type a bit to fast to get a single word right. I mean 20 sec per alinea? This obviously means the page I get to show off needs to capture full attention in 1 second.

Some don't pay either (obviously) like chess-surf which just vanished with my dollar (hahaha) This gives me even more to think about. I did (almost) forget I have the gazellion blogs I work on.

So I'm going to write some posts now, I know it ain't much but it will have to do. I'm just not doing anything (remotely) interesting (to most peeps) at this moment. I did earn 100 pageviews writing this and it was just

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