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Google Groups : Google Labs - Google Suggest

I want my google account to be my one stop 6 degrees of separation point for all my google dealings.. if i want my email.. click..into my email.. i dont want the accounts section to deal with passwords.. that should be a subsection of it. Google accounts has the amazing possibility of becoming the jumppoint for google users.. to go from one section to their other interests on google. Once again.. i want only one sign in.. then direct access to everything.. cmon.. quit sitting on your butts..and get to work. Im right so do it. -bill

Google Groups : Google Labs - Google Suggest
Good slapstick, I love messages like that. Reminds me of how useless it is to make good suggestions when no-one can understand em.

I don't bother to ask anymore I just sit back and wait for multinationals to remember how things are done.

I've always thought it was hilarious how slow we understood the use of a google account.

In the 19th century one could pay a few thousand bucks to have a hotmail passport log in on their site.

Either Google or M$ is remarkably dumb in this chapter.

It's obvious that google has no respect for my visitors.

The "add to my personal homepage" button doesn't work half the time. Pretty cool guys! I get to start finding subscribers ALL OVER AGAIN from ZERO.

Why can't people subscribe to a blogspot blog? How dare you offer XML only??? nerds?

I demand my subscribers email addresses and I demand an option to create content in a members only zone.

I know d*mn well who is to blame for the personal data splattered over the web.

It's google forcing mom and pop users to use Apathci smurfers and MXQL databases. Thats how your personal data ends up on the street.

How hard should it be to give my email address to a webmaster, add his to my gmail contacts, bookmark his page and add the feed to the reader?

Do I need to go SSL and get my own webhost?

Then make one of those tasty web forms with 50 boxes to fill out. pet names, mother's maiden name, city of birth, granpa's age etc etc bla bla

Why didn't Google make a "create account" button?

The service subscribed to is then added to my google account page for ONE-CLICK LOG-ON.

Call me a moron, Microsoft's been doing it for years.

Now lets sit back and laugh.