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Google Groups : Google Labs - Google Page Creator

I need a google Home Page.can you help me?

Google Groups : Google Labs - Google Page Creator
silly service man, what are you guy's doing?

I come here every day to find "no pages are belong to you" on teh page!

It reminds me of the GOOGLE MAPS hype. That was so cool without 99% of
the world on it. I've never unsubscribed to this many tech blogs for
one reason.

I know you guy's are still testing but please don't make any more
public-beta waiting lists.

This way we only get to use the maps and the googlepage after the hype
is gone.

We are not interested in an old product. We want to use it from

I'm sure you can see the relation in dropping stock and making
uninteresting services.

I would fix it by asking money, I've seen businesses do it before!

Please ask 5 bucks for a page during the beta. Having me visit this
group every day is not profitable. It's even annoying me. LOL

If time is money you should hold up your hand already.

-have a nice day