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Whats up with that Oprah meatwagon?

Dear lazy American, I so don't get the Oprah shit? One is either into charity or into filling their own bank account. She donated 1% of her money, bill gates gives 99% ??? Oprah's share was tax deductible and so where donations made. All tax money.

Her books:
"Make the Connection : Ten Steps to a Better Body and a Better Life,"
Thats sounds like bullshit and she has the shape to prove it?

The Uncommon Wisdom of Oprah Winfrey : A Portrait in Her Own Words"
So what share of this is going into her ass? Could that be all of it? Is this her version of the success book?

She obviously didn't have anything constructive to say about others.

This is a damn talk-show host! With a net-worth big enough for you to see this has nothing to do with care. You are looking at it because you're a voyeur and like to see people with problems then you want a talk-show about it. It's not like you care, you just want sensation.

So maybe you've seen the new trend in reality shows on TV. First the reality shows, in general. Then the reality contest shows like survivor, and big brother. Now the reality make-overs like ABC "extreme Makeover" Why not have a very Extreme Makeover. Instead of someone just getting plastic surgeory, or motivation (like MTV's "Made") Why not take a homeless person, and take them as far as they can go, just to see how much chage, before and after? Give them, food, cloths, a place to call home, therapy, job counseling, address all medical needs, including elective one's, and help make them a millionare philantropist. 'Subjects' of course would have to have a clean enough backround, or at least no outstanding warrants, or history of serious crime, & drug free at the time of appointment. Homelessness is a problem. This would take the issue headon, and show just how far a person could go, and how much potential people have to change, and turn things around. I think it could be interesting anyway.

I wouldn't go as far as making them into millionaire philanthropists. Why not stop at productive, hard-working, tax-paying, voting middle-class citizens. Do this a couple of hundred times, and people might start to believe that there is little essential difference between members of different classes, it's a question of picking the right parents and the right neighborhood to grow up in.

A hand full of us western peeps eat like a small village. I could feed 100 peeps of my income EASY, you probably earn 2 or 3 times what I have but can you do the math? A good us income is enough for feeding a few 1000 people per month. You could bloody well stuff everything in your own face, just don't pretend helping anyone with that. It's a lie, cuz you didn't.

So that fat bitch could feed a few hundred thousand every day in stead of whine about her diet, -about her pathetic selfs. They are death now. So, what is your opinion?

If you accuse me of hate speech I will eat you alive. hahaha