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any moment now

ROFL, the shop finally figured out what was wrong with my PC...after 6 weeks.

I send it in for repair because it would crash after 35 min of installation so each new test setup took half an hour to fail.

So they spend 6 weeks and tested all parts in different combinations then found the mobo badge was incompatible with that CPU badge. I had already bought a new CPU from this same badge. That didn't work with my mobo and didn't work with any of their other new boards. Then the CPU's tested OK. HAHAHA Non of the parts broken yet 35 min after reassembly nothing worked.

I did electrics in school then I couldn't get my plug and play setup right, it was extremely hard I must say. I've kept swapping parts for a bit to long so I should build a 3rd PC now. All I need now is a case and a video card. LOL