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7DollarsMagic - Quick And Easy Way To Make Money

7 dollarsmagic
If You Have $7 In Your E-Gold Account, Now You Can Turn It Into $960,799.00 In Just A Few Weeks...

I've seen a lot of programs like this but this one is set up deliciously. Read the FAQ and you will see how I can and will help you find people. The maximum number of referrals is 7 after that they go under your referrals!

- I currently have 3$ in my e-gold account.
- I pay back the 1$ as soon as you pay me.
- I will also give you 1$ extra. So I earn -1$ from you!
-AND I give you 2000 5000 banner impressions (but you draw the banners)
- This way it will cost 5$ not 7$ for you.
- As soon as I earn some more cash I will pay you more, I hope to pay your - whole 7$ fee as soon as I can upgrade my egold account.
- I will also give you 1$ for every referral you find.

The reason I do this is becasue I hope you will copy this tactic. After we find 7 referrals for you you can only help them find theirs. This costs time so it's better to pay for it.

This is not free money, if you are not willing to work please go away.

It's not expensive to buy 10 000 banner impressions. This will save you a lot of work. Don't think people click banners because they are not interested.

You have any friends you think are good at this kind of thing? Then pay their fee like I did for you. If you are going to work for me, should I not pay you?

I hope we can have a lot of fun with this program.

What do you say?

7 dollarsmagic

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