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free banners

Free Banners is one of the oldest and largest free advertising network on the net. Linking hundreds of thousands of websites around the world together, Free Banners have succeeded in helping numerous webmasters and online businesses promote their services for free.

Now, regarded as one of the fastest growing advertising network in the world, and certainly the BEST, Free Banners is becoming the Talk Of The Net!

Simple! As soon as you have signed up, you'll be given some HTML code to insert into your website. Every time somebody visits your homepage, our html code will display a banner on your site such as the one you see above.

The banner that shows up on your website will either be
a) Free Banners Ad,
b) another member's banner, or
c) our sponsor.

Every time a banner is displayed on your site, you'll earn a credit. For every 2 credits your account earns, our system will display your banner on other members' sites.

For instance, if your site displays 1000 banners, your Free Banners account earns 1000 credits, and our system will display your banner 500 times on other Free Banners member sites. Your credits will be spent automatically by our system, as long as you have submitted a banner that is approved for display on other members sites.