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advertisement on blogger dashboard

Blogger is moneytised badly, I would much rather have adds on the dashboard as the nav bar on my page. I try imagine gmail put a nav bar on the email we send?

Wasn't template an advertised word??

I think the context is easy to grasp. You own the top site about templates. This is the page where we learn what templates are all about. I've seen it 100 000 times my self.

I figure that would move some of the server load to adsense and maybe put the R back in bloggeRRRRR. :-) I mean why would you wan't me to navigate 100 pages per day with barely anything on em? *sigh*

The editor page should probably remain clean. Still I imagine a "preview contextual adds" button would be nice. So that we can see if the keywords do anything. I don't want to create my posting in internet explorer then use the preview tool then edit again. I should know what I'm doing before I publish. Any page could have adds about publishing, but on the moderate comments page you could do the same thing as gmail and put related adds with the comments.

Settings, Publishing, Formatting, Comments, Archiving, Site Feed, Email, Members, ftp all sound like perfect keywords to me? I cant handle how the FREEE is taking the cutting-edge out of google.

Lets not be cheap, sell me somethin already. ^_^ hehehe

What do you think about it?

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