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I always thought adobe was the more serious company

Dear Gaby,

You have been recommended as a candidate for the Contribute 4.0 prerelease program. Adobe has organized this program to gather feedback in order to create better software for you, and we are excited about showing you the product and getting your feedback.

Pick me! Now that what I call a smart choice, why didn't yahoo or google think of that?

It's obvious that Adobe is the only one who knows what publishing is all about.

Yahoo 360, my web, asnweres? You dare call that a publication? I think it's pure content robbery. And it isn't even worth much after you take it away.

If you don't offer the right tools the end result will look horible. But nooo, lets not give em newb publishers anything to finish their creation.

I have a gazzilion ideas that are worth MILLIONS your "huh, what a thing to say" means nothing to me, as thats what it's based on. I can make the world shake when I please.

But lets imagine for a sec that your prejudgements are all true. You still cant posibly miss how I trust my own opinion on this. What could that be based on huh?

What is anyone going to acomplish with nihilistic baseless opinions? Name one modern invention that didn't originate in startrek? Call me an sience fiction writer if thats what it takes for you to allow me to invent things.

Lets jump to the conclusion you just didn't play enough with your toy's when you was a kid.

I am web 2.0 because I say so.

gaby de wilde