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Script for more comments

Personally I like to write my reply right under a post, write down what I think and write it down now that I'm thinking it. I cant handle loading a whole different page that is looking dramatically different and, I just cant be expected to handle waiting 3 min for a page with a comment box on it. Still more importantly, I need to be able to see the actual post content that I'm replying to (specially after waiting 3 min). Viewing the post in a whole new lay out (on the blogger comment page) is far beyond acceptable. Now I need to look for the text that just disappeared! Why make it disappear in the first place? I've seen a few other peeps put a comment form under the blog post on blogger. I've used it for a bit and I didn't like it much as it's a whole lot of extra HTML for each posting. It could even be bigger as the. So I've written a javascript script that puts this duplicate content under each and every posting. This way the document doesn't get much bigger at all.

Still a few bits that could be smaller (I think) but I hope to find more ways to cut down the size. This template still takes a few seconds to load but it does bring the content close to the reader and has a nice number of new blog gadgets build in. If you have ideas for me or need help with a script the comment boxes really work but I'm here in the forum to.

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