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firefox extensions passwords

What is the deal on this crazy firefox password crap? Firefox is doing horrible things to the web! It just sucks like this. Opera never has problems remembering the correct passwords or loging in.

I cant even update my yahoo blog withouth typing my user name. What dumb crap.

What is the excuse? Cant they figure out what part of the url is the domain???

This bullshit is taking all of my fucking time now. log in and log in and log in.

Don't  bother to mention roboform I need thousands of paswords not 15.

So I now know that all of your passwords are the same. You obviously have to type them all day, having long good unique paswords isn't an option for a firefox user.

Now I have to create the yahoo login url and bookmark that. Much to dumb if you ask me.

Webdevelopers are dieing for a subscriber then this dumb mozzila crap trashes the password.

All the developers are imbiciles as they know no priority.

The feed subscription true live bookmarks is even more insulting to the publisher.

After typing passwords all day and knowing I will have to type them again and again every fucking 1/2 day I am never going to use this browser again.

What a heap of trash.

I click both mouse buttons in opera on ANY spot on ANY page on the domain and I'm loged in! HA!