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Entry for April 22, 2006

The internet is pwerd by lunatics. Sure some are bright and some are smart but the main income of the web is drawn from the pocket of the not-so-smart. In the old economy it was the rich brining in the proffit.  The real work isn't all that clear on the web either. Tru value isn't defined jet A lot of time consuming things result in an end product that is worth less as the food it cost.

The advertising prices have droped enough to prove content isn't worth the time to look at.

I remeber thats why I gave up drawing and painting. It was just to much work comapred to the result. oyes.nice... I love to be inspired and make things, it's a big disapointment if a things doesn't reflect the passion put in like the one before. 

Right now I'm looking for work, this demands heavy password typing the results are limited to being angry about it. Not a very inspireing activity.

This dumb fucking browser doesn't even have a spell checker. I'm damn aware how fast I can find work with this dinosaur tool.

..............gdewilde 234jss95jh32lsxj933342

O jes I would liek to haev tehis jub yuo ofer! Ghive meee teh yob already!!!

Does that sounds liek it's going to work?