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BURN firefox

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The new IE beta looks horrible! The internet is going to ST1NK even more as it already does!! Reading my website a person may want to do a search, this means my page is closed!  The search had nothing to do with my page appart from the fact the search originated here.

I've never asked anyone to close pages on my desktop this is just utter stupidity.
There is no excuse to automatically close my site! I hate this! I do 20 seaches and this doesnt'mean I want to load them all on top of eachother!  What makes you think the page my search subject originated from is best closed?

Don't think I cant hack myself out of this "morron zone", what pisses me off is that the target mom and pop user cant make remote sense of this BULLSHIT.

Tabed browsing my ass!  I want every f*cking last thing to open in a new tab!  All non javascript bookmarks are to be opend in new tabs ALWAYS by defold. What the f*ck is next? Are you going to close my mailclient if I click a mailto: link?

The internet has lost a HUGE amound of value thanks to this dumb crap. Keep closing my page have no means of saving passwords, no good rss reader. no bone!

What use is it to have a secure subscription if it either means the passwords get discareded OR it means we fill out the same password on all sites?????????

As I have a thousand subscriptions this is REALLY pissing me off now. Lets delete the small sites! By lack of decent browser I now have to abandon peoples creation?

Load google on top of my page?????????


People pay 80$ per click then users can-not subscribe in this totally crap browser!!!!!!!!!!! Hopla, page is closed now! ha!

NON of the things a webmaster can do about it work!!!!!! What is the deal with those 1980 bookmarks?????????? I find it totally unaceptable! What is this bullshit??? Would you look at any bookmark manager and you shall see this one is just like IE in 1995.

This is a full size application for managing bookmarks but it just s*cks it cant compared to any website. I keep 1 vavelet now!! just one to avoid this crap farm

gdewilde - The page by Gaby de Wilde

All that is left to keep visitors updated on your topic is sending spam, and I'm not going there (freaks). Why is it that I can set up gmail in opera in 2 min and spend days looking at dong this in thunderbird and it  still doesn't work.

Does Thunderbird do OPML? Ofcourse not!! BYE BYE tunderbird, untill your dev's wake up to the OPML and the Gmail reallity I'm going to stay away from you.

 Why would anyone want to bookmark or agregate  anything?

You seriously expect me to add 10 000 feedss 1 by 1? dear  fruutcakes? Typing my passwords already is a day's worth of work. Subscribe to something? WHY?? Lets waist everyones time where we can! What makes you think I should be mild about this? In the rare ocasion the paswords work the imbiciles cant see that  and are ONE and the same page?

As this is obviously way to complicated to code up. "Lets type the password again "YOU".
What is the f*king deal on the source viewer??? I have great applications on my desktop to manage HTML, apps that don't suck where they can,

What is the mozilla excuse for backstabbing this industry? why does firefox have one? It has no remote use to 99.99999999999999999%

I get job openings by email and I have to type a generated 15 letter password to see the opening. I've looked for extensions but I find nothing but morrons screaming how fantastic the random password generator is.

It's ok to delete adds but a login is way to much to ask.

 I know what the result will be you fuckers.

I've just downloaded rssOwl and it's like a wet dream compared to the F* Google's personal home is a smelly place compared to it just like my yahoo. It does a slightly better job with the  feeds as Opera. But it does OPML, something Google, Yahoo, MS and Mozilla are to dumb to understand.

The question is probably "Why would anyone subscribe to 10 000 weblogs?"
The answere is "because we can"

I only fail to pinpoint the most stupid of all. Opera doesn't do much promotion so no-one will ever be using it or testing his site in it. Reminds me to go and look if they have a banner jet. We cant really take an internet company withouth banners seriously? Not if the size of userbase is 90% of the product.

Reclame the web? my ass!Image