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Rob Ashton - I Really Dont Care :: fun/firefox

Firefox Sucks Ok, so thats a rather rash statement to be making as the title of a page, but its totally necessary. I need to get the fanboys worked up into a frenzy before we begin.
Rob Ashton - I Really Dont Care :: fun/firefox

Now I only wanted to add the rss feed of his blog to this post! Thats all I wanted to do!

First I click the icon in the address bar.
Then a dilaog apprears.
I click ok and I move to the "bladwijzerwrkbalkmap"
(I've never asked for dutch eiter)

I right click the "live" bookmark

I pick the "eigenschappen"  window
Now I need to highlight the actual url
And now I can add the rss feed to a REAL rss reader or this blog posting.

Now back to the toolbar > right click > delete
Aiming and clicking 10 times is not acceptable.


Because RSS is a HUGE standard, if firefox was a standard compilant browser it would do this in a humain way.